Our Summerschool Has Started

Our Summerschool has started. July 4th we arrived at our location in Varzob near Dushanbe in Tajikistan; we, that are students from Kyrgyzstan, from Germany and from different regions in Tajikistan, plus the group of lecturers. Yesterday we started with our first lectures and seminars by Philipp Schröder on theories on Identity in the morning, followed by Alexander Wolters who read about theories of conflict in the afternoon session. Today we already enjoyed a seminar by Elina Schröder about the conflict of Osh in Kyrgyzstan in June 2010, and currently we are listening to Bernard Christophe, who introduces our mixed group of students from different disciplines in the social and cultural sciences to the movement of Milli Görüş in Germany. Tomorrow we will continue with a seminar by Manja Stephan about the diversity as well as contestations and conflicts in Tajikistan’s religious field with particular reference to new religious authorities. In the following days we will shift our focus towards questions related to the application of social research methods, such as conducting interviews and participatory observation. In between we enjoy our stay here in in Varzob and discover Tajikistan a bit. More news will follow.

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